AGM 2015


We are sorry to inform you all that the 2015 AGM will have to be delayed and WABA apologises wholeheartedly for the inconvenience this will cause many of you who have already made arrangements for that weekend.

We will expand further on the reason for the delay and how it happened but first of all, please note the new date is Sunday 15 November, 2015 at 2pm at the Sport Wales National Centre.

On Monday, 28 September, WABA received an email from a Member club, Towy ABC, copied into WABA and a number of other contacts, saying that they did not receive their AGM Pack within the 21 days outlined in the WABA Articles of Association and thus the AGM must be re-convened. As Towy ABC has sent this written complaint, we have no alternative than to set a new date as technically they are correct.

What was explained to Towy ABC was the following. All information since April 2015 has been circulated to our Member Clubs via the Divisions, sending documents to either the Divisional Secretary solely or to both the Divisional Secretary and Divisional Chair. WABA felt strongly that the Divisions should be the link between WABA and its clubs, so that the Divisions are fully aware of everything that is going on in WABA. This process of sharing of information has worked well for a number of months now.

A second reason why information was sent to the Divisions to share with the clubs is because of the poor state of the contact information kept within the WABA Office. This will be rectified once we have all the Census Forms in for 2015/16, but at the time of circulating the AGM pack the WABA Office information was not accurate enough to use and, in fact, on 18 August, all Divisions were asked to send in their Member Club details so we could finalise a circulation list.

The AGM pack was, therefore, circulated on Saturday 19 September, 22 days prior to the AGM and was circulated to both the Secretary and Chair of each Division, asking each Division to circulate the information to its Members.

The reason why the pack was not circulated prior to this date was because we were waiting for our Accountants to finalise the accounts as they wished to include a comment about a recent Deloitte audit report, which had just been finalised, into the Accounts. WABA wanted to send Members both the AGM pack and Accounts at the same time and agreed to wait.

WABA sent out all the information, as mentioned above to both Divisional Secretary and Divisional Chair, on Saturday 19 September, 22 days prior to the AGM. Unfortunately, the Western Division clubs did not receive their notification until Tuesday 22 September.

As Towy ABC had not been notified by WABA of the AGM information with 21 days’ notice, WABA will delay the AGM until November.

Thank You


Posted on: August 3rd, 2015
Posted in: Latest News

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