Preliminary Schedule

Dear Member Clubs,

I can now attach the Daily Schedule for this Saturday 6 April.

Welsh Championships Preliminary Bout List 6th Apr 2019

Boxing will start at 2pm and with currently 26 bouts, it is likely to go right through and finish around 7pm.  Withdrawals are noted on the Daily Schedule, which is why 34 bouts are listed.  We have already had up to 15 withdrawals and we anticipate further withdrawals before Saturday.

Please note: we will also be following the Order Number and not the Bout Number on the Schedule.

For Weigh Ins and Medicals, we must adhere to the AIBA rules, which state that these must finish 3 hours prior to the first bout, so Weigh-Ins and Medicals will take place from 9am to 11am.  The Weigh-In will be closed, so no coaches are allowed in.

The Technical Delegate (OIC) will be Tony Wynne.

And for info the venues remain the following:

Preliminaries:                                   Saturday 6th April, Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff, CF11 9SW.

Quarter Finals and Semi Finals: Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April, Markham Leisure Centre, King Georges Field, Pantycefn Road, Blackwood, NP12 0QX.

Elite (Senior) Finals:                        Friday 19th April, Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff, CF11 9SW.

Youth and Junior Finals:               Saturday 20th April, Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff, CF11 9SW.

Posted on: April 2nd, 2019
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