Referee and Judge Training

The WABA is committed to creating a development process to ensure that our R&J Members are given every opportunity to advance their standing within the AIBA ‘Star Grading Structure’.

Recent seminars and courses held in Wales have indicated quite conclusively that at this time our R&J Membership who wish to make progress with their qualifications do not currently have the skill set required to advance as 1, 2 or 3 Star AIBA Officials.

With regards to 1 Star AIBA status, it is our intention to schedule examinations in Wales during the first quarter of next year. Should we have suitable candidates for 2 & 3 Star status then when the 2017 venues for these exams are fixed we will make arrangements to have our candidates put forward for examination.

This is a substantial financial commitment with our limited resources and as mentioned previously our membership currently lack the skills required to succeed in these examinations therefore to ensure that our members are given every opportunity to fulfil their ambitions in this respect, it is our intention to stage during the second half of 2016 seminars and courses specifically designed to prepare our Members for AIBA 1, 2 or 3 Star qualifications.

You will be informed of the dates for these courses within the next few weeks.

Entrance to the AIBA Examinations will be dependent upon;

1. Commitment to and successful completion of the WABA organised seminars.

2. Endorsements of the WABA seminar Instructors.

To assist us with the logistics of this undertaking would the WABA R&Js interested in committing their time and efforts to the development of their official qualifications please register their interest to Colin Metson at the WABA Office.

David B. Francis
WABA Chair

Posted on: June 10th, 2016
Posted in: Latest News

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