Coaches are an instrumental part of the sport of amateur boxing. Coaches very often volunteer hours of their time every week to help develop the skills of club boxers, whatever their ability level.

The coaching pathway in Wales is a two stage process, the first stage being an ‘Assistant Coach‘ where coaches learn the basic skills to ensure the safety of every boxer who steps into the club training area. The second stage is a full ‘Club Coach‘ where Coaches demonstrate more advanced skills to develop each boxer to his or her full potential in competition. For more information on the WABA Coaching Courses click here.

For Coaches to advance into the International Competition arena, Coaches must move onto the International Boxing Associations (AIBA) Coaching Pathway, a three tiered pathway from level 1 to 3. Each AIBA Coaching level allows a coach to work at different levels of event, from European competitions all the way to the Olympic Games for level 3 Coaches. For more information on the AIBA Coaching Pathway vist the download centre or if you want to get into coaching get in touch.

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