Safety in boxing

Amateur boxing ranks as one of the safest amongst all contact sports (such as football and rugby) and amongst other events such as equestrian, motor cycle racing and mountaineering.

The WABA goes to great lengths to protect its athletes. Amateur boxers must wear a mouth guard at all times, as well as protective hand bandages, ‘cup’ protectors, force absorbent head gear and a shirt to absorb sweat. Female boxers are also advised to wear breast protectors.

Amateur boxing gloves are designed and tested to absorb, and not transmit, shock under recognised safety guidelines from the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) Safety Commission. Amateur boxing referees strive to reduce the risk of injury by using 8 counts and evaluating the boxers throughout a bout and can dispense counts at anytime (unlike in professional boxing).

In addition to these stringent safety factors, pre and post bout medicals are required for all amateur boxers each and every time they compete.

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